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Amazing tips to get the best make up possible. Here is how!


What is the most important thing for you when it comes to your make up? This question has been asked many times to many women. Many said that getting the expensive products is the key to a great make up. The more expensive the product, the better result you will get. Others say that the cost of the product does not really matter. What is important is the way you use the product and the talent you have when you are working on your face.


Different products for different people


Of course no one could argue that expensive products do tend to give us better results. And no one could of course argue with the fact that there are many beauty products that do not cost a lot of money but have actually proven to have amazing results. But the one thing no one could ever argue with is the fact that you could always use some simple homemade tips in order to achieve the best result possible. And those tips always work.

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The basic tips


Let us start with something simple. One of the most difficult things for a woman is to perfectly apply mascara on her eye lashes without making a mess of her face. You know what we are talking about. You are trying to apply it as smoothly as possible but something always happened that will get you all messed up. Well the solution in very simple. Use a plastic spoon. It might sound funny but it definitely not. All you need to do is simply take a plastic spoon and place it under or above your eye when you are applying your mascara. You will not get any mascara on you skin and you will be able to control the amount of mascara that goes onto you eyelash perfectly.

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For the second tip we will remain around the area of the eyes. Think about all the times you applied eye liner on your eyes. How many times have you made a mess? Perhaps while you were trying to get rid of that extra paint in the corner of you eye. That is always the hardest part. Well all you need to do is simply to put some scotch tape in the corner of your eye and paint freely. At the end simply remove the tape and all extra paint on in will be gone in one swift movement.

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Moving on we will talk about applying blush. Of course you will be able to find countless of different tips on how to do that. But the most important thing you need to watch out for is the shape of your face. Make sure that you only follow the tips that suit your type. For example applying blush on a heart shaped face could be a bit harder that on a square shaped but you need to use the one that will suit you not the easy solution.

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Finally, for most women, the most important part when it comes to your make up is to make sure that your lips look desirable. They are after all one of the first things a man would notice. The more desirable and delicious they look the more attention they are going to get.


Tasty lips for great kisses


The first thing you need to do is to exfoliate your lips. Cover your lips with a bit of sugar and coconut and then scrub them lightly with a toothbrush for a few minutes. Wash the mixture of and then simply use a good lip liner on your top lip and a lip balm that matches you face colors. Not only will your lips look puffy and desirable but they will be smoother than what you actually thought. Perfect for a sweet goodnight kiss.

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These are of course just some of the countless tips out there that you can use in order to look as beautiful as possible. If you think that you only have a problem on one specific area of your face and body, then make sure that you find all the tips you can get concerning that particular place. Always remember that the more natural the tip the better it is going to work on you. Try to minimize the use of ”plastic products” and use as many home made recipes as possible. We can guarantee that the result will be worthy of the effort.



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