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About Me

She’s roasted and dabbles her toes like a happy GOOSE! 

A proud Girl, an amphibian who loves to swim and a nature wanderer

Who’s That?

It’s ME!

Hello mates, this is Sheetal, a New Delhi –ite, an Indian at heart and Human at pace!

The pages of my life go back to the year 2009 when I started the new chapter of my life as a freelancer during my final year of English (Hons.). Scribbling was just a funtime for me until I realized where my life was to take me through! Flipped and stumbled back to “express thy self” made me more passionate about being a “Live Ink” among my fellow mates.

Nurtured from a tomboy to a girly bling, my love goes to my sister who’s made me the make up junkie I am today.

Know “CapersRouge”  

Juggling with Beauty, food and Fitness since forever, let’s tell YOU the highlight of where did the belief of “CapersRouge” came from.

From #Foods to #DietPlans to #BeautyTips, Yummy Suggestions to the vivid #FoodCravings and a #beautifulface, It’s all here and you’ll love it too! Let’s dive to the Food, fitness and Beauty spree!


Contact me for more at [email protected]

P.s The Magic Mantra: “BEAUTY lies in the EYES of the beholder

(Plato’s my Man)

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