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5 Myths And Facts About Bees and Honey

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“Be Like the Honey bee, anything it eats is clean, anything it drops is sweet”

Good food and Good life is a motto for all.

Loaded with goodness we feel that all the bees are the same.But DID YOU KNOW that we have 20,000 known species of bees. Not all bees can work on what we call the “Traditional view” of honey hives. Let’s check out the top 5 Myths and Fun Facts about Honey Bee’s.



The only bees which make honey are the Stingless Bees and the Honey Bees. There are less than 10 species of honey bees and 450 species of the stingless bees. Also, there are less than 250 species of Bumble bees that have a tablespoon of honey in their beehives.


FUN FACT: Less than 5% of the Bees species produce honey



Myth #2 : ALL BEES *STING*

Not all bee’s sting. Many of the female Bees species do have the egg laying apparatus to an extent but still cannot sting.


FUN FACT: A bee sting is actually their egg laying apparatus. Therefore, only female bees can sting  (NOT ALL)



Myth #3 : Bees Live in Hives

A specific set of bees are said to be living in the hives and they are known as the “Advanced Social Bees”. Many of them live in the underground burrows else they create their nests out of the mud.


FUN FACT: Most of the bees are solitary and do not survive in the hives for their lifespan



Myth #4: Bees are Social in Complex Societies

Not all Bees live in the complex societies. Many of them live in the perennial societies too and are limited in terms of the social interaction to mate and lay eggs.

FUN FACT: The complex division has a Queen along with the Workers who defend the nest and also perform core specific tasks.


Myth #5: Bees Work Hard

Herd of the phrase “Busy as a bee” ? That’s very true in case of the Stingless bees and the Bumble bees.

(FILES) This September 4, 2013 file photo shows a honey bee as it gathers pollen from a sunflower in Godewaersvelde, France. Canada's Ontario province announced on November 25, 2014 plans to restrict the use of controversial pesticides believed to be responsible for mass deaths of bees, in order to safeguard crops. The restrictions are opposed by the chemical industry which says neonicotinoid pesticides are vital for protecting corn and soy crops from insects. The pesticides are less harmful to people and the environment than other chemicals, the chemical industry says. Ontario could become the first jurisdiction in North America to regulate neonicotinoid pesticides, while Europe is halfway through a two-year moratorium on their use. AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE HUGUENPHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images 0630-biz-xFPbees

FUN FACT: Male bees work less or do not work at all when in the nest. Therefore, many individual bees collect no food.


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  1. Honey is among the raw foods that can be consumed as it is.
  2. Considered to be the natural cure since the Egyptian era, Honey can be used in healing wounds.
  3.  A little mix of Cinnamon and Honey cures Acne problems.
  4. Honey is a Miracle food and has a shelf life of over 3000 Years
  5. Honey is sweeter Than Table Sugar
  6. The nutritional value and the quality of Honey is not affected by Crystallization.
  7. Honey is a healthier option than sugar free
  8. Honey is cholesterol free
  9. Honey is fat free
  10. Honey is the best fuel to shed kilos when fast asleep (As per the Hibernation Diet)



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