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5 Latin Pop Singers to Watch in 2020


Latin pop has been coming back with a vengeance!  With singles breaking into the international market more and more often every year, it’s no surprise that the world has its eyes on new rising talent from Latin America.  Unique sounds and fantastic lyrics set the genre apart; here are the artists who exemplify that sound. Keep an eye on them, and they won’t be considered ‘small’ artists for much longer!


An actress turned singer, Greeicy, is doing everything she can to stand apart.  She’s proving herself to be more than just skilled at acting. Her voice is sweet and passionate at the same time.  With flirty and fun music that is easy to dance and sing along to, she’s living above her previous fame and showing what she’s capable of doing.  Her music videos still feature her acting chops, but her singing takes center stage.  She’s an act to watch in 2020.


If you’re looking for a fresh yet familiar sound- you’ll find it in Cimafunk.  His smooth voice, matched with a fantastic beat and a new take on Havana music, offers something for everyone.  His lyrics are a fun trip in every song, walking you comfortably through, so by the end, you can’t help but be in a better mood.  Erik Iglesias Rodriguez, the voice and mind behind the sound, is a former med student and shows his attention to detail in his music.  He’s taking Cuba by storm and is ready to breach into international markets without much trouble if he keeps it up.


Full name Mariah Angeliq- Mariah has been putting out music since she got discovered at age sixteen.  She has a classic background familiar to many Latin pop singers but hopes to break the mold with her girl-power image and different take on pop.  Her lyrics are new, refreshing, and breathe life back into a quickly aging genre.

Paulo Londra

Where to start with this 21-year-old rapping and singing act?  Paulo offers surprisingly sweet and positive energy to rap and pop, challenging the rough cliches of the genre.  His voice has a sharp edge that intriguingly plays off his uplifting lyrics. He’s already come up a lot on Argentina’s Hot 100 and promises more great music to come.


A Venezuelan performer- Alaya is a bright new voice on the scene.  Just putting out music in the last couple of years, she offers a unique sound.  Mixing many styles, she comes across as mostly pop with strong vocals. Her music is definitely at home on the club and dancing scene, but could just as quickly be bopped along to on a jog, or workout.  Alaya has made some noise and is someone you should keep an eye on.

If you’ve already missed out on any of these, it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon before they hit it big. Each of these five is bringing energy to performances that you won’t be able to ignore.

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