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30 times you have won life at her own game

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Life is tough, it has it’s ups and downs, and it is easy to forget all the nice things that happen to you. You focus mainly on the negatives. Sure you have a few issues at work, your relationships may not be as peachy as you would like them to be and sustaining a household by yourself can be a bit tricky.

But all things considered you’ve managed pretty well. And here are thirty times you emerged victorious. So grab some chocolate and let’s celebrate.

1. When you had sudden expenses or had been unemployed for a while but you still managed to make rent.

2. When the taxi driver asked you for twenty bucks for a five-kilometer distance and you told him to start the meter and that you will pay only what the meter says. And he said OK.

  1. When you found some money in your jacket pocket, behind the couch or in an old and long forgotten purse. Just in time to pay some bills…..or get a new purse.
  1. When you managed to smack around your modem enough and it started working again. Just remember, don’t do the same to your computer.

  1. When you finally managed to apply for a passport/credit card and ID and you successfully got it.
  1. When you managed to cook by yourself something fancy to eat and you did not burn anything. You even got the salt and pepper just the way you like it to.
  1. When you decided to mix different drinks on a night out. Wine, whiskey, beer and vodka followed by several tequila shot. And you survived.
  1. When, after a night of heavy drinking you managed to keep your cool and NOT send a drunk text.
  1. When you realized that your crush has feelings for you, even if he does not know or admit it yet.
  1. When you went for a job interview filled with anxiety but you got the job with flying colors.
  1. When you had to babysit someones kids and you managed to handle them, feed them, and put them to bed without having to call for backup or help from your mum.
  1. When you managed to pass that test, even though you went unprepared and did not understand have the things you wrote or the questions given.
  1. When you told your parents that you are embarrassed because you do not make a lot of money, but they told you that they are proud of you regardless.
  1. When that creepy guy at the club tried to grope you but you slapped him and stood up to him.
  1. When the guy that you thought was kind of cute, said something sexist and you spoke up and called him out on it.
  1. When you decided what was good for you and got out of a dead end relationship, even though it hurt like hell.
  1. When you made the waiter take back your order because he messed it up and he returned with a fresh dish.
  1. When you found out that people are talking behind your back and you decide that you are above it all and do not care.
  1. When you finally managed to make costumers service understand your situation and get the job done.
  1. When the movie you were waiting for was finally released and you won free tickets from a competition you thought was a waste of time.
  1. When you got to your favorite fast food joint and the sandwich you were craving for has a discount for the day.
  1. When you are lucky enough to find an empty seat on your usually crowded train, bus or metro.
  1. When you find out that you have gathered enough points on your credit card to buy those shoes you were drooling over.
  1. When you found the strength to resist peer pressure and said no to that joint, even though your friends were smoking it.
  1. When you finally got your wait-listed ticket confirmed. You now have a seat available on that train.
  1. When you got stuck in traffic worried about missing your flight only to arrive at the airport to find out that your plane delayed and you got there on time.
  1. When your best friend gave you a pair of jeans or a dress because it did not fit her anymore but it fits you perfectly.
  1. When you got lost in the middle of nowhere and got the courage to find someone to help you out
  1. When you moved to a new city and had the strength to get out of your comfort zone and went out to make new friends.
  1. When you looked in the mirror and realize that despite your fears your new look makes you look amazing!

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